Kammok Makes a Bold Play to Revolutionize Your Outdoor Slumber

2023-04-14 06:39:51 By : Ms. Smiles Lynn

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The new Ursa Sleep System was built to ensure restorative rest, no matter where you are. Curtain Track Pinch Pleat Hook

Kammok Makes a Bold Play to Revolutionize Your Outdoor Slumber

A good night's sleep can make or break your camping experience. And if you're just getting into it, dialing in your camping setup can feel overwhelming at best: there are so many options to choose from! What's the best air mattress or camp cot? Should I get a sleeping bag built for side sleepers, or share a double with my significant other? Finding the sweet spot when it comes to getting some shut-eye in the great outdoors has traditionally taken a lot of trial and error (and resulted in quite a few sleepless nights).

Today, Kammok is taking the guesswork out of a good night's sleep with its comprehensive sleep system, built for first-time campers (and seasoned pros) who want a restful slumber without the hassle. The Ursa Sleep System — which debuts on Kickstarter today — includes all the major components to a restful snooze: a self-inflating base pad, memory foam topper, insulated camp comforter, and an adjustable oversized pillow with variable thickness. Here's everything you need to know about the brand-new sleep system.

The Ursa Sleep System comes with a luxurious four-inch, self-inflating sleeping pad (for reference, our pick for "most comfortable camping air mattress, the Therm-a-Rest MondoKing, is 4.25 inches thick), a two-inch memory foam topper, a Primaloft camp comforter made with synthetic insulation and a travel case. If you want to upgrade and complete your kit, you can add on a foam pillow, which has an adjustable air core, so you can dial in your exact level of cushion. Kammok says the sleep system is supposed to mimic the soft fabrics and comfy foam of a traditional bed — and help beginning campers transition to sleeping outdoors.

Kammok Makes a Bold Play to Revolutionize Your Outdoor Slumber

Embroidered Neck Pillow The Ursa System debuts today on Kickstarter for a limited time with exclusive early bird pricing — ordering early can yield savings up to $150, so if you're in the market for a new sleep setup, this would be a good time to buy. After the early bird special, the Ursa Sleep System will be available for $749.95 — which seems like a large investment up front, but when it comes down to it, isn't a good night's sleep is priceless?