‘Giant monument to the female form’: Brisbane’s five-tonne bronze

2022-07-24 03:47:03 By : Mr. Carl SPO

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The latest piece of public art to be commissioned for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is a five-tonne bronze sculpture designed to make people “stop and look”.

Justene Williams has drawn on her daughter’s love of superheroes and plastic figurines for Sheila, a sculpture that, when finished, will stand almost five metres tall.

A model of ‘Sheila’ by Brisbane artist Justene Williams, whose work will feature as a five tonne bronze sculpture at Queen’s Wharf Brisbane. Credit: Louis Lim

“I love to go big so this will be a giant monument to the female form,” Williams said.

“The name ‘Sheila’ riffs on the term used for an Aussie woman but it is also the female character carved in stone mainly in Europe from the 11th century, which has interpretations of protector, fertility and empathy and I wanted to immortalise those qualities.

“She will also feature a stainless-steel halo that is open to interpretation and self-reflection.

“The average person will see a big woman in a horse-stance with one arm open and the other closed fisted; some people may giggle at the busty representation but I’m hoping everyone will stop and look.”

Brisbane artist Lindy Lee’s sculpture ‘Being Swallowed by the Milky Way’ is set to light up the George Street Atrium at Queen’s Wharf Brisbane.

The first piece of public art commissioned for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane was an eight-metre high, eight tonne bronze sculpture by Lindy Lee.

Samuel Tupou’s mosaic wall mural of Australian lungfish was revealed in April.

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