304 304L 316 316L stainless steel coil with PVC protective film (white)

Products Description1. Specifications about stainless steel coilsCold Rolled Stainless Steel Mill/Slit Coil1. Grade: 200 & 300 series200 seriers: 201,202, J4300 seriers: 301, 304, 304L, 321, 316L, 309, 310S2. Standard: JIS, ASTM, AISI, GB, DIN, EN, we usually use ASTM and GB Standard3. Thickness: 0.14mm-3.0mm4. Width: 1

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304 304L 316 316L Stainless Steel Coil with PVC Protective Film (White)
Products Description

1. Specifications about stainless steel coils

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Mill/Slit Coil
1. Grade: 200 & 300 series
200 seriers: 201,202, J4
300 seriers: 301, 304, 304L, 321, 316L, 309, 310S
2. Standard: JIS, ASTM, AISI, GB, DIN, EN, we usually use ASTM and GB Standard
3. Thickness: 0.14mm-3.0mm
4. Width: 10-700mm
5. Surface: 2B finished, BA finished
6. Hardness: soft, 1/4H, 1/2H, FH
7. Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.02mm
8. Width Tolerance: +/-10mm(mill edge)
Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil
1. Grade: 200 & 300 & 400 series
200 series : 201,202
300 series: 301, 304, 304L, 316L, 309, 310S,321
400 series: 410, 410S, 409L,430
2. Standard: JIS, ASTM, AISI, GB, DIN, EN, we usually use ASTM and GB Standard
3. Thickness: 2.4mm-6.0mm
200 series: 2.4mm-6.0mm
300 series: 2.4mm-6.0mm
400 series: 2.4mm-6.0mm
4. Width: 405mm-700mm
5. Surface: No1 finished, mill edge
6. Hardness: soft
7. Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
8. Width Tolerance: +/-10mm

Chemical Composition about stainless steel sheet  
3210.08max2.00max0.045max0.030max1.00max17.00-19.009.00-13.00--5(C+N) min/ 0.70 max

Mechanical Property
Material ItemTensile Strength (MPa)Yield Strength (MPa)ExtensionHardness (HV)Density

View Standards & Thickness Of Stainless Steel  Coil
ThicknessThicknessAvailable SizesSurface Area per Unit weightApprox Weight per Sheet
inchesmm lbs/ft²kg/m²lbskg
0.0150.38136 x 960.6303.0756615.126.84936
0.0150.38136 x 1200.6303.0756618.908.5617
0.01780.4521236 x 960.7563.69079218.158.22195
0.01780.4521236 x 1200.7563.69079222.6810.27404
0.01780.4521248 x 960.7563.69079224.1910.95807
0.01780.4521248 x 1200.7563.69079230.2413.69872
0.02350.596930 x 961.0084.92105620.169.13248
0.02350.596930 x 1201.0084.92105625.2011.4156
0.02350.596936 x 961.0084.92105624.1910.95807
0.02350.596936 x 1201.0084.92105630.2413.69872
0.02350.596936 x 1441.0084.92105636.2916.43937
0.02350.596948 x 961.0084.92105632.2614.61378
0.02350.596948 x 1201.0084.92105640.3218.26496
0.02350.596948 x 1441.0084.92105648.3921.92067
0.02910.7391430 x 961.2606.1513225.2011.4156
0.02910.7391430 x 1201.2606.1513231.5014.2695
0.02910.7391436 x 961.2606.1513230.2413.69872
0.02910.7391436 x 1201.2606.1513237.8017.1234
0.02910.7391436 x 1441.2606.1513245.3720.55261
0.02910.7391448 x 961.2606.1513240.3218.26496
0.02910.7391448 x 1201.2606.1513250.4122.83573
0.02910.7391448 x 1441.2606.1513260.4927.40197
0.03550.901730 x 961.5127.38158430.2413.69872
0.03550.901730 x 1201.5127.38158437.8017.1234
0.03550.901736 x 961.5127.38158436.2916.43937

Weight Chart Of Stainless Steel Coil
Size (mm)Weight per
sheet (Kg)
Size (mm)Weight per
sheet (Kg)
2000 x1000 x 0.711.52500 x 1250 x 1.538.4
2500 x1250 x 0.717.93000 x 1500 x 1.555.3
2000 x1000 x 0.914.72000 x 1000 x 2.032.7
2500 x1250 x 0.923.02500 x 1250 x 2.051.2
2000 x1000 x 1.016.43000 x 1500 x 2.073.7
2500 x1250 x 1.025.62000 x 1000 x 2.540.9
3000 x1500 x 1.036.82500 x 1250 x 2.563.9
2000 x1000 x 1.219.63000 x 1500 x 2.592.1
2500 x1250 x 1.230.72000 x 1000 x 3.049.6
3000 x1500 x 1.244.22500 x 1250 x 3.077.5
2000 x1000 x 1.524.63000 x 1500 x 3.0112.0

The surface and finish of stainless steel coil
ItemSurface FinishingSurface finishing methodsMain Applications
NO.1HRHeat treatment after hot rolling, pickling, or with treatmentFor without the purpose of the surface gloss
NO.2DWithout the SPMMethod of heat treatment after cold rolling, pickling surface roller with wool or eventually a light rolling a matte surface processingGeneral materials,building materials.
BABright annealedBright heat treatment after cold rolling , in order to be more shiny, cold light effectAutomotive parts, home appliances, vehicles, medical equipment, food equipment
NO.3Shiny, coarse grain processingThe NO.2D or NO.2B processing timber No. 100-120 polishing abrasive grinding beltBuilding materials, kitchen supplies
NO.4After CPLThe NO.2D or NO.2B processing timber No. 150-180 polishing abrasive grinding beltBuilding materials, kitchen supplies, vehicles, medical and food equipment
240#Grinding of fine linesThe NO.2D or NO.2B processing timber 240 polishing abrasive grinding beltKitchen appliances
320#More than 240 lines of grindingThe NO.2D or NO.2B processing timber 320 polishing abrasive grinding beltKitchen appliances
400#Close to BA lusterThe MO.2B timber 400 polishing wheel polishing methodBuilding materials, kitchen utensils
HL(hair lines)Polishing line having a long continuous processingIn a suitable size ( usually mostly No. 150-240 grit ) abrasive tape for as long as the hair, having a continuous processing method of polishing lineThe most common building materials processing
NO.6NO.4 processing less than the reflection , the extinctionNO.4 processing material used for polishing Tampico brushingBuilding materials, decorative
NO.7Highly accurate reflectance mirror processingNo. 600 of the rotary buff with a polishingBuilding materials, decorative
NO.8Highest reflectivity mirror finishFine particles of abrasive material in order polishing , mirror polishing with a polishingBuilding materials, decorative, mirrors

304 304L 316 316L Stainless Steel Coil with PVC Protective Film (White)304 304L 316 316L Stainless Steel Coil with PVC Protective Film (White)

304 304L 316 316L Stainless Steel Coil with PVC Protective Film (White)

Company Information 

S.H.C. Stainless Steel Group. was founded in 2005, is a professional engaged
in the production and operation of stainless steel products enterprises, has many years
of experience in the stainless steel industry, the main customer market in Europe, the Middle East,
Southeast Asia and South America and other regions. Our products include stainless steel plates,
rolls, tubes, rods, angles, fittings and flanges.

Our Office And Team
304 304L 316 316L Stainless Steel Coil with PVC Protective Film (White)      304 304L 316 316L Stainless Steel Coil with PVC Protective Film (White)

Our Factory Work Shop
304 304L 316 316L Stainless Steel Coil with PVC Protective Film (White)
304 304L 316 316L Stainless Steel Coil with PVC Protective Film (White)
Our Service

We also supply OEM, customized sizes,cutting service,customized fabrication .We can cut specific sizes according to your
requirements,or you can customize different shapes according to your drawings.
    Cutting type:laser cutting,water-jet cutting,laser cutting etc
    Cutting tolerance:+/-0.3mm
    Processing method:cutting,bending,punching,stamping,machining etc


Q1: What products can you offer?
A: We can offer you general steel types like 310S, 316L,304.304L.201,904L, 316H, 316,316L 300and 400 series, and duplex stainless steel like 2205, 2304,2101,2507,etc. 904L, 800H, 600H high-nickel alloy.

Q2. Can you produce the products according to my own drawings?
Yes,we can produce the products according to your drawings that will be most satisfy you.

Q3. How does your factory do regarding quality control?
Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from beginning to end.

Q4. Can I request to change the form of packaging and transportation?
Yes,We can change the form of the packaging and transportation according to your request, 
but you have to bear their own costs incurred during this period and the spreads.

Q5: How long is the Delivery time?
A: 3~30working days after confirming the payment.
If the order is urgently, we will push our workshop finish in advance.

Q6: What is your Payment?
A: T/T, L/C, etc.

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